The Trendy Set


Artist – Bo Bergemann

Item: BB15-02 * Vinyl * 18 inches

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Trendy and Swag are quite the pair. Trendy is an 18″ original vinyl collectible doll by Bo Bergemann which is unlike any other doll available today. She is the doll that we’ve all been waiting for as she is straight from the heart of a little girl who grew up still loving dolls enough to remember what she wanted at age 6 with the skills and experience to put it all together now that she’s added 40 years to her life!

The Trendy doll wears wigs that stay on well to brush or braid. But they are also easily changed when you are ready for your 18″ doll to have a new haircut or color any time! This is a patent pending innovation in the realm of dolls. Each doll set will comes with an extra wig (as shown in the pictures). Each limited edition set has blue glass eyes with slight shadings like real eyes and painted fingernails.

This set comes with a gorgeous dolly designer outfit right in the box including the white sparkling 50’s glam dress, crinoline, white tights, gorgeous white lace trimmed boots and a red hooded layered patchwork fairytale coat. All of Trendy’s outfits will be designer quality and totally unique and original.

This little sweetie comes with her BDF (best dog friend) who she does everything with. His name is Swag. He is made in scale to Trendy and is paws over heels in love with her. So he is her biggest fan! I’m sure you will be too!

All the photos were taken without any tricks or props. The poses shown are things that Trendy can do because of her many joints that are similar to where humans are jointed. Trendy is truly unlike any other doll on the market today!

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