Cooperstown Artist Bear Collection
Artist: Siggi Bears – Sigrid Skomudek

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Cooperstown Artist Bear Collection

At 12″ tall, Kyle is a brown mohair bear. He has black glass eyes, a brown waxed nose and an open mouth. His muzzle has been hand shaved.

Kyle is fully jointed with fine sculpted limbs. All limited Siggi Bears have a limited edition button attached to their chest.

Exclusive to Cooperstown Bears.

Limited Edition of 8

Recommended for 6 years+

About the Artist:
Sigrid Skomudek has been making her signature open mouth bruins since 1996. Since the beginning, it has been Sigrid’s goal to bring a smile to people’s faces with her bears. Sigrid describes a moment she will always treasure, “We had a corner booth and were busy chatting with friends and collectors, when I noticed an elderly gentleman with a walking stick coming up to our booth. The look on his face was quite serious but interested, when he came straight up to one of my bears that was displayed on the front table. All of a sudden that serious old man tickled the belly of my bear, winked at him and started smiling”. Judging from the passion and talent that Sigrid Skomudek has for making teddy bears, she has been making people smile for a long time.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 7 in


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