Cooperstown Artist Bear Collection
Artist: Donna Mae Hinkelman / Bainbridge Bears

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Jingles by Donna Mae Hinkelman / Bainbridge Bears
Cooperstown Artist Bear Collection

23″ tall and constructed of taupe mohair with felt paw pads and glass eyes. Full jointed and sporting a green and plaid wool hat that is topped off with a rusty bell. He is also wearing a matching collar.

Touches of airbrush accent this friendly fellow.

Exclusive to Cooperstown Bears.

Jingles is a handsome Artist Bear – 100% Mohair

Limited Edition of 7

About the Artist:
While making her first mohair bear, Harrison, Bainbridge Bears artist Donna Mae Hinkelman never could have imagined that this bear would win a Golden Teddy Award or be on the cover of Teddy Bear Review. Years later, Bainbridge Bears designs are still winning awards. Created with a great amount of love and imagination, Bainbridge Bears are truly special friends. In her spare time, Donna Mae cherishes spending time with her family and husband, Carl.


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Dimensions 24 × 11 × 9 in


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