Beau by Bayside Bears
Cooperstown Artist Bear Collection
Artist: Mary Lou Foley

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Beau by Bayside Bears
Cooperstown Artist Bear Collection

Beau is one of Mary Lou’s very rare non-polar designs, which in itself makes him unique.

Beau is 17″ tall and made from a brown mohair with a darker brown tip for a true “bruin” look. He is fully jointed and also has an additional neck joint so he can turn his neck and tilt his head and look in all directions. His face is needle sculpted and shaded for depth and character.

His glass eyes are amber with white corners and he has applied eyelids. His nose is custom sculpted polymer clay and his paw pads are hand-painted and needle sculpted.

Exclusive to Cooperstown Bears.

Limited Edition of 6

Recommended for 14 years+

About the Artist:
Mary Lou Foley has been designing realistic bears since 1996. Mostly known for her polar bears, she produces all types of bears showcasing her signature features: longer necks, flatten heads and small ears. In 2000, Mary Lou’s “I love You With all My Heart” won a TOBY Award and was featured on the cover of a major teddy bear magazine. Mary Lou lives on Cape Cod with her husband and enjoys spending time outside on her deck.

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Dimensions 15 × 13 × 13 in


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