Angel of Autumn


Angel of Autumn
Willow Tree 26076
“An abundant harvest of thanks”

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Angel of Autumn
Willow Tree 26076

  • Resin figurine cast from original carvings by Kansas artist Susan Lordi
  • Susan Lordi’s figurines exude a quiet elegance while personifying a particular theme
  • Dimensions: Approximately 5″ H
  • Item Number – 26076, introduced in January 2002
  • Sentiment card reads: “An abundant harvest of thanks”

The name Willow Tree symbolizes that which is gestural, beckoning and romantic. The figures are columnar in design, like a tree, and often carry flora or fauna symbolic of human virtues or qualities. The angels are rendered so as to reveal their expressions through body gestures only a tilt of the head, placement of the hands, a turn of the body. The absence of facial features contributes to the quiet and modest design. Emotions and feelings are left to the viewer to discern, which makes them very personal and powerful.

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