American Style


American Style Coat & Handbag Set – Outfit Only
American Models Collection
Approx. Size: Fits 22″ Doll

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American Style Coat & Handbag Set – Outfit Only
American Models Collection

Luxurious eyelash-style beige lined coat with coordinating handbag.

(Suit sold separately.)

Limited Edition – 300

Collectible Item for ages 14+

Artist Dolls of Unparalleled Luxury…

One year after Robert Tonner started his doll company in 1991, he introduced a magnificent set of 16.5” multi-jointed, porcelain fashion dolls which would pave the way for several developments of Tonner fashion dolls. In 1994, Robert introduced the 19” vinyl American Model Dolls to much acclaim and popularity. In 2005, Robert Tonner reintroduced the 22″ Tonner American Models™ in new materials, proportions and undeniable glamour as only Robert can create. The new 22” doll is made from fine quality vinyl and hard plastic, with rooted saran hair and hand-painted eyes. Each doll is a work of art as seen in its exceptional haute couture fabrics, including embroidered and hand-beaded details. The Tonner American Models™ feature articulated jointing at the neck, shoulder, elbow, waist, hip and knee for the most fashionable posing. Celebrate the exceptional style of the Tonner American Models™ – artist dolls of unparalleled luxury.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 12 × 4 in


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