Ace the Golfer


Ace, the Golfer
Jacqueline Kent Collection – Life’s Everyday Moments
Approx. Size: 16″ Dressed Figurine

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Ace, Golfer
Jacqueline Kent Collection – Life’s Everyday Moments

This golfer’s face, like all of Jacqueline Kent’s creations, is intricately crafted to be life-like, as are his hands and hair. Dressed appropriately for the golf course, he is wearing a white cap, a blue argyle sweater with a white collar, neat white pants, and black and white shoes. His stand resembles a piece of a golf course, complete with a hole, and he comes with a gold ball and golf club.

This morning I was furious,
And fumed, I’m really mad!
This game today, has been so far,
The worst I’ve ever had!

I wrung my hands and tore my hair,
My temper grew and flared,
I’ll never play this game again,
Don’t ask me, no one dare!

My rage is unabated,
And today’s the day, I quit!
What’s that you say? At noon next week?
Sure, you can count on it.

This piece is approximately 16″ tall.

Jacqueline Kent, renowned artist in clay sculptures, is best known for her true to life faces. The combination of her unique talent and vivid imagination has given her an edge, paralleled to none, while precision and detail remain a hallmark of her style.

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