Wicked Witch, WOZ


The Wicked Witch, Wizard of Oz
Adora – 4-Ever Friends Play Doll
18″ Doll ~ Vinyl / Cloth

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The Wicked Witch, Wizard of Oz
Adora – 4-Ever Friends Play Doll

Meet The Wicked Witch! She is an 18 inch, green skinned doll. She has a cloth body with a chest plate, head and limbs handcrafted in Adora’s exclusive life-like and resilient vinyl. The Wicked Witch features open-close eyes and joints at her neck, shoulders and legs to make her an exceptionally expressive play doll. She is costumed in a black sparkly dress with long sleeves, a black with green faux satin lined cape that ties at the neck, black and white striped tights and pointed toe shoes. To complete the look she wears a black witches hat, has raven black hair highlighted with streaks of green and always has her faithful broom. But don’t let her cuteness fool you… remember her famous words: “I’ll get you my pretty”!

Features: Expressive play doll. Hand-crafted premium play dolls intended for hours of fun. The Wicked Witch has ‘sleep’ eyes that close when you lay her down to rest. The Wicked Witch’s durable green skin tone vinyl legs, arms, shoulder plate and head are secured on a cuddly soft body. Completely posable, The Wicked Witch is articulated at the neck, arms and legs. Clothing made for the 18 inch 4-Ever Friends play dolls will also fit the American Girl doll.

Suitable for ages 6 and up.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 11 × 7 in


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