Cooperstown Artist Bear Collection
Artist: Bear It All – Tami Eveslage

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Cooperstown Artist Bear Collection

At 12″ tall, Tippy is made of wonderfully soft, Schulte mohair, which is brown with black tips. He is stuffed with polyfil and plastic pellets. His ultra-suede paw pads are hand-painted.

Tippy’s face is extremely detailed with blown glass eyes which are enhanced by ultra-suede eyelids, a hand-painted ultra suede mouth and a carefully scissor sculpted snout. His nose is stitched in black pearl cotton thread and his face is lightly airbrushed.

Tippy is fully jointed.

Exclusive to Cooperstown Bears.

Limited Edition of 8

Recommended for 6 years+

About the Artist:
“When my parents gave me my first Teddy Bear on my 6th birthday, it was love at first sight! Being artistic, I drew pictures of that first bear, sculpted him in clay and eventually started creating my own stuffed bears.” replies Tami Eveslage on how she started making teddy bears. In 1993, she began to make bears professionally and two years later began exhibiting in the teddy bear shows. The extra details such as painted and sculpted paw pads, eyelids and painted open mouths differentiate Tami’s bears from all others. It is evident that she loves to bring to life her teddy bears with her special detailing – a whimsical quality that invites collectors to take a closer look.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 7 in


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