Artist – Sissel B. Skille
21.25 inches – Vinyl/Cloth
Limited Edition of 300

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Artist – Sissel B. Skille

A dotted red head, Svea is. Her red mohair is slightly curled and to prevent it falling into her eyes it is tied with a bow. Her rose leather shoes, Budapester style, coordinate perfectly with her happily dotted dress, just as her lace decorated underwear. She is a happy child smiling towards the future with her blue mouth blown glass eyes.

Limited Edition: 300 pieces worldwide
Size: 54 cm/21.25 inches tall
Hair: Real hair
Eyes: Mouth-blown glass eyes
Eye color: Blue
Painting: Hand painted
Material: Vinyl
Shoes: Made from real leather

Gotz artist dolls are loved and respected amongst collectors and doll- lovers all over the world. They are exact reproductions of original art pieces created by world wide renown doll artist – made with care and love to detail, they emerge themselves as art pieces of highest quality.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 11 × 9 in




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