WIZARD OF OZ Scarecrow
2015 Adora Toddler Collection
Size: 20″ Dressed Vinyl/Cloth Doll

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WIZARD OF OZ Scarecrow
2015 Adora Toddler Collection

Endearing and oh, so cute. Adora’s ToddlerTime play doll version of the WIZARD OF OZ Scarecrow is definitely full of life from the tip of his triangle painted nose to the tip of his boots with pointed toes.
Costumed in a soft cotton pant set accented with frayed burlap details to simulate the look of straw, floppy brimmed black felt hat, faux suede booties and last, but no least, his diploma that proves he’s always had a brain.

For more than 75 years nothing has compared to the wonder and charm of WIZARD OF OZ. With its beloved characters, unforgettable music and inspiring message of hope, friendship and home, the original film remains the gold standard for a timeless classic.

Scarecrow is a 20″ doll, made of baby powder scented high quality vinyl, with moveable head, arms and legs. He has brown hair and brown eyes. What a cutie!

Recommended for age 6+

Adora ToddlerTime Dolls are 20” from head to toe, made of baby powder scented high quality Cuddle Me™ vinyl with movable head, and ¾ vinyl arms and legs. NEW Cuddle Me™ Vinyl is soft, silky, gentle and feels more like a real baby, making these toddlers perfect for play! Each toddler doll has a weighted cloth body and comes complete with a traditional diaper for realistic play to develop social skills while engaging in nurturing, pretend play!

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 11 × 8 in



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