Rayne, Auburn


Rayne, Auburn
Robert Tonner Design
16″ Doll – Articulated

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Rayne, Auburn
Robert Tonner Design

Just who is Rayne?
Rayne is your creative muse, your personal fashion model, your fashion canvas. She’s the realistic 16″ fashion figure of your dreams.

She’s a beautiful doll but what makes her so special?
Sculpted by renowned and award-winning doll designer Robert Tonner, Rayne is a 16″ realistic fashion figure with 15 points of articulation. She’s made of the finest hard plastic and vinyl with a  saran hair wig.

So, she’s a normal fashion doll.
Not so fast. It’s not what we, the manufacturers have created but what you will do with Rayne that will really set her apart.

I’ll explain: Rayne arrives in a basic set of sport underwear and shoes just like a normal basic doll. However, that where the similarities with other commercial fashion dolls ends. How you dress and style her is up to you.

Limited Edition of 100.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 11 × 6 in


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