Peppermint Plié


Peppermint Plie Ballerina
Madame Alexander Arts/Ballet Collection
Approx. Size: 8″ Dressed Vinyl Doll

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Peppermint Plié Ballerina
Madame Alexander

Peppermint Plie Ballerina is as pretty as the red and white candy cane she carries in her hand. This 8-inch bent-knee, Asian sculpt with black eyes and, braided and banged, center-parted black hair, wears a white knit sparkle leotard that has shimmer sleeves and is paired with a red and white tutu. The top layer of the tutu is white tulle trimmed with bands of red and white organza ribbon and worn over a second layer of red tulle to create a delicious candy cane appeal. Red organza ribbon on the center-front of the tutu, red and white cording at the waist, red glitter trim at the neckline, crocheted flower medallions in her hair, white glissenette pantyhose and white ballet slippers on her feet all add the finishing touches that makes Peppermint Plie Ballerina one sweet treat.

Recommended for 14 years+

Love is in the details…

All dolls created by the Alexander Doll Company are heirs to the perfectionism of Madame Alexander’s original vision that, “Love is in the details.” The Alexander Doll Company continues to uphold her standards of impeccable quality, ensuring that all dolls manufactured under our care receive hands-on attention and meticulous scrutiny every step of the way. Our quality control is testament to the skill of our employees and the high regard we have for Madame’s legacy.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 6 in