Optimistic – Outfit


Optimistic – Outfit
2009 Antoinette Collection
Approx. Size: Fits 16″ Antionette Doll

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Optimistic – Outfit
2009 Antoinette Collection

Hooded sweater dress paired with a chic faux leather corset and multi-tonal tights; pantyhose and faux leather zippered boots also included.

Doll sold separately.

Limited Edition – 500

Collectible Item for ages 14+

A little about Antionette:
She was a plain, shy little girl who was invisible to all who passed her. However, growing from a child into a teenager, the years transformed her… like the ugly duckling, she was emerging as a swan. Beginning almost imperceptibly, she noticed a glance here, a look there… and they began to increase to a point where she knew she was suddenly visible to the eyes around her. She didn’t understand why she was suddenly in everyone’s eyes – she was unnerved by this at first, but then in extraordinary phases, she came to realize that positive changes were amidst. On her sixteenth birthday, there was no denying it – she was truly and magically beautiful; people were captured by her presence. As if by instinct, she found she could easily transform herself into the very ideal others saw when inspired by her. Some would refer to the effect as a muse… still others would call her by name… Antoinette… a name that was becoming synonymous with art, fashion and creativity.

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