First Blush


First Blush Annora
16″ Resin ball-jointed doll with 19 points of articulation

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First Blush Annora

Resin ball-jointed doll with 19 points of articulation (double jointed at elbow and knee). GR-09 Sky Blue eyes.

I really never considered myself a “pink person”—but I don’t know—I think I really like this! My dear friend Ellowyne—you know Ellowyne, right? —gave me this wonderful stretch knit lace top. She thought I’d look great in it and I totally trust her judgment. Love the way she dresses. Anyway, on one of my shopping-therapy days, I found this “petal” skirt that I loved right away; it’s a kind of semi-sheer fabric that’s a perfect shade of pink to work with the top. It wasn’t hard to find the accessories for this. I already had a candy pink sandal that I bought for the last wedding I was in (hated the dress but I adore the shoes) and I dyed a pair of lace tights. The pink satin sash was from a vintage dress and I made the open-work endless scarf (I did a great job, if I do say so!). But the best, was when I found, in a tiny, funky hat shop, this weird, gigantic hat that looks like a big rose. It’s made of lace and chiffon with a rhinestone button in the middle. I think it looks great with my hair this shade of pale blonde and eyes of blue! Stand included.

Well, I guess I am a “pink person” after all. Altogether, it kind of looks like the color of a First Blush!

LE 50

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