Elinor, Your Elizabethan Girl
A Girl for All Time
Size: 16″ Vinyl Doll

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Elinor, Your Elizabethan Girl™
A Girl for All Time

Elinor is made from high quality, durable vinyl and is 16 inches tall with articulated elbows and knees.

Elinor, Your Elizabethan Girl™ comes dressed in a gorgeous blue diamond patterned silky dress, with period underwear, golden dancing slippers, and a neck ruff included.

She is made from highest quality vinyl with wigged hair and acrylic eyes. Elinor is the first in our new line called Your Elizabethan Girl™ and is an instant classic, the perfect gift for someone special.

‘Elinor held her handkerchief over her nose as the carriage clattered over the cobbles. Her mother had drenched it in clove oil before she left home because it was supposed to keep you from catching the plague. She knew she was being sent away to safety but she felt homesick already.

As they passed the Globe Theatre, she felt another pang. It was the most exciting place in the world….’

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

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Dimensions 22 × 12 × 10 in




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