Darya – Resin Doll
2018 Fantasies and Fairytales Collection
Limited Worldwide Production

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Darya, Resin Doll
Artist: Hildegard Gunzel

Resin ~ 33.5″ Standing

Long, straight dark brunette human hair wig. Hand-made brown glass eyes.

Darya is an ethnic beauty with especially lovely features.

This little sweetie is wearing a salmon pink dress that is embroidered with black dots and ribbon. Peeking out from the bottom of her hem, you will see her black tulle underskirt. On her feet she wears black patent leather shoes.

Matching silk bows in her hair complete the look.

Limited Worldwide Production

“Everyone in life is spellbound by something at one time or another. The tiniest of things can work their magic. The perfect rose, the bee in the middle of a flower, a clear summer’s morning or a glittering field of virgin snow; all of these can also cast their spell. Personally, I can find the little items I use in my work equally enchanting. Magnificent material, the finest lace, an unusual little button or silk flower made with love can all inspire my imagination. Looking at these things, I cannot help but wonder about the doll they might suit. I turn them around in my mind, again and again and her personality begins to take shape.”   ~Hildegard Gunzel

So says one of the world’s premier doll artists, Hildegard Gunzel, in a succinct quote which happens to reveal a great deal about her artistic philosophy and process.

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Dimensions 34 × 10 × 12 in




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