Cindy, OOAK


Cindy, OOAK
26″ Vinyl/Cloth Sitting Doll
Virginia Turner’s Personal Collection

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Cindy, OOAK
Virginia Turner’s Personal Collection

Cindy is a 26 inch sitting toddler with reddish blonde hair that is styled in a mid length with lots of wavy curls and bangs and has beautiful violet eyes.

Cindy is a sculpt by Virginia Turner and the design is by Virginia Turner.

She is wearing a beautiful summer dress that has a bodice of delicate pastel embroidered flowers and trammed with lace. The dress also have layers of lace at the hem and short puffed sleeves.

To complete the look, she wears white anklets and pink Mary Jane shoes and her headband brings out the beauty of her eyes.

One of a kind. Virginia produced this doll for her collection.

Please note: This doll comes from Virginia’s Collection and has been displayed. Virginia has sold/closed her factory, showroom, tea room and house and this is one of many dolls that we picked up from her.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 14 × 12 in



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