Chloe Outfit


Chloe Magic Outfit
Kruselings Outfit
Fits: 9″ Kruseling Doll

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Chloe Magic Outfit Only
Kruselings Outfit

Magical outfit of Chloe Kruselings doll. Lilac Dress. Fits all Kruselings dolls.

The Kruselings are widely known for their great sense of fashion and extravagant outfits. Here you find high-quality magic outfits made with much creative attention to detail to perfectly fit each Kruselings doll.

Suitable for children 36 months and over.

The Kruselings are fantasy dolls of 9 inches height made of high-quality vinyl with movable joints – for animated, adventurous role playing. A Kruselings doll comes with modern outfits and truly magical tools. The Kruselings dolls friendly, realistic expression of the eyes says: come and play with me – let us experience adventures together!

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