Can-Am Ziggy


Can-Am Ziggy
Cooperstown Artist Bear
Artist: Patti Hendriks – PM Bears

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Can-Am Ziggy – PM Bears
Cooperstown Artist Bear

Can-Am Ziggy is a 16″ tall, shaggy mohair bear with black glass eyes, ultra-suede paws, polyester fiberfill stuffing and cotter-pin joints. He has special hand-painted detailing and a very soft, floppy body.

He has an eye grabbing goofy red nose to match his classy red suspenders and his suspenders are attached with red, white and blue star buttons!

Limited Edition of only 10.

Exclusive to Cooperstown Bears!

About the Artist:
Being a busy artist, mother and dairy farmer leaves little time for much else. But Patti Hendriks, art of PM Bears, has been able to manage all three successfully from her kitchen, a place very dear to her. Patti began her teddy bear career 14 years ago and has since been making people smile with her “funky folk bears”.

Made in Canada.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 7 in


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