Bedtime Angelina


Bedtime Angelina Ballerina
Play Alexander
Approx. Size: 18″ – Cloth Doll

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Bedtime Angelina Ballerina
Play Alexander

Angelina is an 18″ pink mouse, with an embroidered face and poseable arms and legs.

She is ready for bed in her favorite pajamas and ballet slippers. She loves to take her favorite mini ballet dancer doll to bed with her.

Mini doll included.

Angelina Ballerina has delighted children for years with her love for dance, family, and friends. Now, with her pink checkered PJs, Angelina is ready to accompany your little one to dreamland. The soft mouseling comes holding a small ballerina doll with purple pigtails, a multi-tiered skirt, and slippers.

This Angelina plush toy is designed for children 18 months and older.

Angelina Ballerina is dressed in her pink plaid PJs, ready to hit the sack. Her top can be un-Velcroed, although her right arm circled around the doll is sewn through her clothing, so her shirt cannot be removed. Her pants are also sewn through and cannot be removed.

With all soft parts, the doll is ready to sleep and safe for children 18 months or older to sleep with. She stands 18 inches tall, so she’s a great size for cuddling. Angelina also cuddles her own doll! Her small sewn ballerina doll features a pink satin bow on top of her head that matches Angelina’s own, and the doll’s pigtails and tutu skirt match the mouseling’s love for dance.

Love is in the details…

All dolls created by the Alexander Doll Company are heirs to the perfectionism of Madame Alexander’s original vision that, “Love is in the details.” The Alexander Doll Company continues to uphold her standards of impeccable quality, ensuring that all dolls manufactured under our care receive hands-on attention and meticulous scrutiny every step of the way. Our quality control is testament to the skill of our employees and the high regard we have for Madame’s legacy.

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