28″ Vinyl/Cloth Standing Doll
Virginia Turner’s Personal Collection

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Virginia Turner’s Personal Collection

From the pages of Grimm’s fairy tale, we present the characters in full color; Hansel, Gretel and Arga.

Starting with Arga (what a witch…) she has vinyl head, hands and feet and stands at 28″.

Although she was very mean in the story, we find her rather charming in a certain way. From the hump on her back to her salt and pepper hair, Arga definitely gets attention. Her dress is green and creme calico and her apron is creme colored. Her shawl must be old because we have noticed a few holes from the many years she has worn it.

Her eyes are blue/grey and her teeth are… well, kind of brown, I guess. Well, anyway she isn’t a model for a toothpaste ad. Her shoes are brown felt house slippers tied with lovely burlap strings. An amazing grey wolf comes with Arga… Her stand is included.

This Arga is #4 of 150.

Please note: This doll comes from Virginia’s Collection and has been displayed. Virginia has sold/closed her factory, showroom, tea room and house and this is one of many dolls that we picked up from her. There might be some slight imperfections from being displayed.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 14 × 12 in



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