Charlie Bears: Collectible Bears That May Steal Your Heart

Here at Samantha’s, we have a passion for providing our customers with beautiful collectible dolls and bears. Our past few blogs focused on a few of our different collectible doll lines, but today we would like to highlight one of our favorite collectible bear lines: Charlie Bears.

Many animal lovers may find themselves more drawn to collecting stuffed animals instead of dolls, and our Charlie Bears are truly unique and adorable. Known as “Bears with Personalities,” Charlie Bears are a fan favorite. Would you like to learn more about this beloved brand?


In late 2005, William and Charlotte, “Charlie” Morris launched their line of affordable collectible bears. Originally, the line only included 12 bears, but the company grew so successful that it has now manufactured over 2500 different designs. All the Charlie Bears are designed and made by hand at The Bearhouse in Cornwall, England.

The Bear Chooses You

Charlie often states that when shopping for a bear, “the bear chooses you.” With hundreds of different Charlie Bears to choose from at Samantha’s, which stuffed animal will choose you? We’ve highlighted a few that you may just fall in love with:


With her soulful dark eyes and quizzical stare, you may wonder what Ms. Bronwyn is pondering. This loveable little gal stands about 15 inches high and features a blend of grey, brown, and white fur. Her white suedette paws contrast quite nicely with her fur and her little face is hand-stitched.

Polishing her look with style, Bronwyn wears a cord necklace with a bell. If you are looking for a stylish, sweet little bear to add to your teddy bear collection, she might just choose you.


Charlie Bears include a wide range of stuffed animals and not just bears, and Caulfield is perfect for cat lovers. Part of the Bearhouse Bears Collection, these stuffed animals are meant to appeal to adults and kids alike. Non-jointed and made out of the softest materials, Bearhouse Bears are extra huggable and Caulfield is no exception.

Caulfield is a russet and white fuzzy cat who would love nothing more than to join your daughter for a tea party. With soft blue eyes and a pastel pink bow, Caulfield is perfectly dressed for the party.


Do you love Saint Patrick’s Day? So does Clover, and her super soft, fuzzy green fur perfectly matches the occasion. With her long ears and soft white suedette paws, Clover is just so squeezable. For a little extra flair, we’ve added a gorgeous organza bow to polish off her look.


Have you met Clover’s best bunny friend, Acre? Extra soft and fluffy, Acre may just melt your heart with one soulful little stare. His sweet little white face and chest patch contrast perfectly with his auburn and cocoa-colored fur. With extra-long ears and feet, this little guy is one-of-a-kind.


Created by famous doll designer, Isabelle Lee, Dobby gazes up with his sweet eyes as if to say, “who, me?” With just the right amount of filling and soft mix of mohair and plush materials, Dobby is quite the cuddler. With a light colored ribbon that perfectly matches the fur on his face and ears, Dobby is perfectly dressed for every occasion.

If Dobby chooses you, you need to act quickly. A limited edition bear, only 3000 designs are available worldwide. Don’t let him be the one who got away!


Part of the Charlie Bears 2017 Collection, Trudy is a truly unique bear with her extra long, soft fur. Designed by Isabelle Lee, Trudy’s coat is a soft grey-brown and her dark suedette sculptured paws are perfect for holding in your hands. Trudy loves a nice accessory, which is why she’s wearing a light brown bow.

Portia & Prema

Holding her baby polar bear, Mama bear Pria lovingly protects her little one and keeps warm from the cold. Designed by Isabelle Lee, this mama and baby duo are part of a limited edition collection, and they come with their own numbered certificates.  

With just the right eye placement, sculptured head shaping, and embroidered noses, these bears have very animated features. Handcrafted out of the softest plush material, these bears   

Did any of these Charlie Bears choose you? If not, check out the rest of our Charlie Bears at Samantha’s Collectible Dolls & Bears. Sure to steal your heart, one of these collectible teddy bears could be perfect for you. Shop our collectible dolls and bears at Samantha’s today.